Map of routes and water points

Map of half marathon heat

Map of 11 km heat

Half marathon 21.1 km heat

Starting point for half marathon: Moav observation point in Arad.

From the starting point begins a moderate ascent of about 500 m.
After that, about 400 m downhill;

DP 900 m left turn to side road.

DP 1.2 km turn right and then right again and back to the main road.

DP 1.5 km left turn to road descending to Masada west.

DP 3 km cemetery – starting a moderate ascent, total of about 55 m over 2 km.

DP 5 km total descent of about 320 m over 6 km, up to the 8th kilometer.

DP 10 km – Kfar Hanokdim to the right (starting point of 11 km heat).

DP 11 km total ascent of about 100 m over 2 km, up to the 10th kilometer.

DP 13 up to the 13th kilometer alternating climbs and descents (some climbs short but quite steep).

DP 16 km total descent of about 320 m until the 21st kilometer  the finish line.
In the last 4 kilometers the descent is steep.

11 km heat

The 11 km route is from Kfar Hanokdim to Masada.

Points of emphasis for routes:

  • The run starts late at night.

  • The entire route is on paved highway of intermediate maintenance level.

  • The route is winding, with many curves.

  • The route is very dark.

  • Runners must come equipped with headlamps.

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