Registration of Arad-Masada run

To download the application (iPhone and Android), Click to get to the store:




If you are unable to register via your browser, please register using the attached link HERE

How to Register

If you already have a user name in At Event, just login.

Login to your account:

Please create a new user name in At Event.

you need to write 9 digit for your passport no’. If you have letters change the letter to digit: 0

Write your personal information:

Choose wave

Don’t forget T-Shirt desired size & Club name

Answer 5 health statement,

Mark Declaration & submit.

Various approvals:

You don’t need a medical certificate if you answer “NO” to the 5 Medical Questions in the Register form.

If One Questions replayed “YES” you must upload a valid medical certificate.

The forms can be uploaded in personal area (marked as blue man).

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